Secondhand Brooks Bikes For Sale In London – Putney, Wandsworth SW15

If youre not a mechanic, shopping for a used Brooks bike is pretty intimidating, but we lay down some simple things to look out for. While there are currently some superb deals on brand new bikes – particularly from direct-sales brands – the secondhand mountain bike market is also thriving.

With some mountain bikers changing their ride more often than their socks, and resale values lowered by the influx of direct-sales bargains, it is a great time to get that top-dog rig you always wanted at a respectable price.

Where to look, what to look for, and how to close a deal on a second-hand Brooks bike in Wandsworth, London?

The Internet is the obvious place to start looking for a secondhand bicycle. Sites like eBay and Gumtree have thousands of bicycles for sale. Many cycling websites and publications will also have their own classifieds sections, and people also post items for sales on cycling website forums and facebook groups.

Be aware if you buy online though – it is all too easy for someone to post a bogus listing, or use the web to sell damaged or stolen cycles. You can also sometimes find them for sale in private listings on sales boards in your local shop and supermarket.

Some independent shops will sell pre-owned bikes, but this is becoming rarer. These bicycles are often also called reconditioned bikes because the shop will do all the hard work of making sure the bike is safe and in good condition to sell on to you.

Tips When Shopping In Putney, London For A Preowned Brooks Bike

The video runs through a number of tips, some more obvious then others. Here are some highlights:

Give it a once over, looking for dents, bending, and rust. If it’s a carbon cycle, look closely for cracks. Test for any weird bends by taking it for test ride then take your hands off the handlebars (assuming you can ride no handed). If the frame wobbles a lot, it might be out of alignment.
Check the headset by holding down the brakes and moving the bike back and forth. If you feel a knocking noise, it has a loose headset, which while a cheap fix, also suggests the owner hasn’t looked after it very well.
Check your brakes by squeezing the calipers directly instead of pulling on the brake levers. If they spring back, they’re good.

There’s lots more in the video, including everything you need to look at on the drivetrain, and knowing what’s safe to ignore, like a gunky chain or gross bar tape. Once you do settle on a used bike, be sure to take it into your local bike shop for a once-over if you’re not mechanically inclined yourself.

Where To Buy Secondhand Brooks Bikes In London?

You can find ads on specialist websites such as Pinkbike, general-interest sites like Gumtree, Facebook buy-and-sell pages like ‘Bike Buy and Sell’, and Facebook Marketplace.

Specialist sites have huge numbers of bicycles for sale, but are sometimes a little disorganised
eBay is of course the classic go-to, but beware of stolen items
Gumtree sometimes hides some unbeatable deals where many mountain bikers might not think to look
Facebook buy-and-sell pages are great, but can be quite jumbled with no clear order to listings
Facebook Marketplace is a great tool to refine your search locally and to a set budget
Many parks and shops sell old demo bikes, so research to see if anywhere near you is selling

What Should I Look Out For Before I Buy A Second Hand Brooks Bike London SW15?

If you’re confident the pushbike is genuine then I would say to check the frame first, your looking for any cracks or major dents which compromise its structure. Check the welds, are they solid, does the bike show any signs that it has been “bent” back in to shape after a crash? If the bike is used (obviously…) it should show some wear and tear, most likely small scratches and scuffs, possibly small stone chips from paint work and rubbing marks from the cables. It should not look like its spent the last 10 years out in the elements, your wanting a bike which has been well loved and taken care of.

Next check the Wheels and Tyres. On the tyres you are looking for how much tread is left on them (you don’t want to get home and be surprised to find your new bike is now going to need new tyres…) along with this you also need to check if there are any sidewall cracks or if the tyres look old (tyres perish over time or from prolonged periods (months) in bad weather conditions, its hard to describe but you’ll know it when you see it). Finally check that they actually inflate to a decent PSI and stay firm. With the wheels themselves you are looking for any signs of rust, are they bent or buckled, does the wheel have overly large “wobble” as this could mean the bearings are damaged, check the spokes are still tight and the hubs.

How Much Will A 2nd Hand Brooks Bike Cost Brooks, Wandsworth?tron


Many people ask us what a used biking will cost. The answer depends on the type and age of bike you’re after. In addition there are certain brands which keep their value very well. Road and mountain bikes tend to be the most expensive. Either of these, in good condition from a well-known brand, will cost in excess of £200. An example of a brand that keeps its value well is Brompton. They rarely appear on the auctions for less than £400. Buying a bike up to two years old. Buying a nearly new cycle should be the easiest option. Someone else has taken the biggest hit on depreciation, it won’t need an MoT just yet and there should be some warranty left.

One of the reasons to choose a used bicycle is the great value for money you can secure. There are some simple steps to make sure you get a great deal. Go online to do some price comparison of secondhand bikes. Check the online second hand bicycle markets and also find out what an equivalent bike would cost new. You can get some great prices at online auctions and don’t forget that you can also make offers below the asking price to fixed price sellers in the online classifieds.

Things To Consider When Buying Used Brooks Bikes In Wandsworth, London SW15?

The mileage will still be relatively low and is more likely to be accurate and everything should still work properly. Nicely run in but still sharp and feeling new – a bargain. Dealers will offer as good value as private sales here. They have to maintain a price difference between new and used stock and they will have bought the bike in for a decent price, probably as a part-exchange from someone trading up.

If you are a daily commuter on the lookout for a cheap bicycle you can use for your casual urban rides, including the trip to work and back as well as some evening biking on the weekends, a used road bike is for you. However, always remember to stay safe when buying bikes online. Go to a sale with someone else, and make sure people know where you are going and who you are going to meet. The risks are very real, as there are some very unsavory characters out there. If you get one that is in great condition though, you are in luck. You will be able to invest in a bike from a great brand like Trek for the same price as you would a brand new Giant, saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the process.

If you’re in the market for a better bicycle, but your finances is slim, second hand could be the way to go. You may well need to compromise on style – the paintwork will probably have lost its showroom sheen and the spec will be anywhere between last season and yesteryear – but the clever consumer can find an amazing ride for a small fraction of the price tag of a box-fresh purchase.

Apart from auction sites like eBay, it’s worthwhile scouring specialized pre-owned web sites like Preloved, Facebook groups such as Bikes for Sale (over 40,000 members!) and for an old-school approach keep an eye on the local paper classifieds. Don’t be shy to ask sellers and ask for further pictures if need be. Avoid listings which use a stock catalogue picture of the bike as new – you want pics of what is really for sale.

Most importantly – look before you leap. Buying second hand can turn up some fantastic cheap deals, but it isn’t for everyone – if you’re not willing to put the time and energy into the researching, or if you want the back-up and guarantees that come with a new purchase, you’re best off looking deep and stumping up the money.

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